The keys are under the mat… The brains are on the Web… Are we missing something?

Posted by Albert Gareev on Nov 04, 2009 | Categories: Discussions

With regards to a recent post in Phil Kirkham’s blog.

So it seems that any technical job challenge could be resolved with help of crowdsourcing. All you need to do is posting your request on the site like “GetAFreelancer” or “ScriptLance” and offering some money.

While exploring projects section I also found requests for non-technical articles, design, and web-security troubleshooting.

So I guess QA and Development managers should get ready for a dialog like in the stories below.

Story 1

– Have you already resolved those discrepancy issues with customer data?
– No, not yet, but don’t worry. I posted all the screenshots along with the data spreadsheets attached on 3 QA community forums. I’m sure they’ll figure it out by tomorrow!

Story 2

– Are you on target with your security testing assignment?
– Yes, sure. I have never done it myself so I posted it as a project on a freelancing web-site. One guy has already offered to do that for me for just $25. We scheduled a web access session for tomorrow. I’ll share my desktop with him and he’ll do all the testing for me while I’m watching.

Story 3

– How is it going with your authentication module for the online banking application?
– I don’t have it ready so far but don’t worry. I already posted a project on a freelancing web-site. Security is a serious thing so I offered $100 and I will select the best skilled resource available!


… What would be your reply?

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